When I saw CALL in my course program at the beginning of the term I really rejoiced. because I like using computer and spending time in internet 🙂 And I predicted we would learn a lot of useful things about computer programs and web sites/tools during this course. Of course at the end of the course I wasn’t dissappointed.

CALL is a very useful and informative course for English language teachers. Using different web programs/tools we can create attractive and enjoyable lessons. 

I hope I will use all of the web tools actively in my life and I share them with my friends and get them to use these useful sites and tools.

I never saw CALL as a boring and challenging responsibility. Because I could predict the content of the course. Both following lessons and writing reflections I really had a good time. I didn’t find time to do the tasks on time. The reason of that this period was a intensive and exhausting one for me. After all I learned mucH more than the last three years and really had a good time.

   Last of all I hope that CALL will be a compulsory course for English language teaching program. Because it is a benefical and necessary course.

It was a nice term and enjoyable course!..




Weebly is a web site that offers you a free website creator. Building a web site on weebly is to easy, but first of all you must search and learn how you add different elements to your webpage.

You can upload videos, pictures, texts to your webpage. There are a lot of buttons at the left side of the page. You must choice and drag them on the place you want to add.

You can create an attractive, interesting and different personal and exclusive webpages using all weebly elements.

I will try to create and publish one. I hope I can form a creative personal webpage. I will try a lot and see the outcome 🙂


Image is a website that you can record your voice , post and share your sound files. You must record your voice in three minutes then post on the Audioboo website so other users can listen to your postcasts.

It is like creating your own short radio programs. To me they can be very interesting and effective teaching tools in language classrooms. You can use them doing listening activities in your class. First of all you choose a topic, write a short text related to it then record your voice and create many listening activities.

Of course, you need web connection to benefit from this effective tool.


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            Image Digital storytelling isn’t a new thing for me. Using Movie Maker we created  one last year. It took much time to create a movie on Movie Maker. selecting photos, recording your voice, to set slide transition duration really became a challenge for us. So trying to create a new one scared me! But I think it is a nice tool to apply in classroom. Most of the students like watching movies or videos in class and really learn much more during these sessions. It can be very motivating for them.

  I knew little about StoryJumper until now. I only heard about it but didn’t need to learn more. First of all I took an account and create a story book on StoryJumper. It is very easy and entertaining to try to create stories for the kids. I didn’t have any idea how we use them in the classroom that hasn’t web connection. But if we can use them it will be very benefical for the students at low level.

Digital storytelling offers a nice opportunity you to create more effective classes.


This week the subject of the lesson is how to use facebook, twitter, skype, google talk etc. for educational purposes. I think most of teachers and students use facebook, twitter, skype, Messenger in their daily lives but they don’t have any idea how to use these tools in their academic lives.

If you are a English teacher all of them are very useful. You can improve yourself and teaching  using all of them. As a teacher if you have a twitter account you can follow people and groups in your field. You can participate discussion topics, share and gain information about them.

Using facebook you can create online classes or a course group and publish tasks, materials and other announcement about the course. You can contact with your students 7 days 24 hours.

Skype and Google talk are benefical for English teachers. Because you can attend online elt conferences. You can interact with native speakers of English in other countries and improve your English.



   WizIQ is an online teaching platform. It is very useful platform. Because as a teacher you create online courses and engage your students to the lesson easily. Online task can attract their attention and learn more much thanks to online courses.

  WizIQ contains powerpoint presentations, Pdfs word documents and videos. In fact you update new materials and use them to teach the course.

  You can create online tests and share them with your students. Then you can assess their performance and give feedback immediately.

  All students like WizIQ. Because They can chat with their friends working on the same task at the same time.


Last week we learned much about Nicenet and Dokeos. Using these programs you can create a course or class site. The site give you opportunity to communicate with your students and to students to communicate and share their ideas, tasks with others. Only thing they need to reach the sites is web connection.

  Using Nicenet you can post a discussion topic and the students respond this topic(conference). The students can see all students’ messages and write comment about them.
As a teacher you can get your students to create project groups on this course site and follow their performance.
You can post lesson resources for your students just copying and pasting the url. You can provide the students a different way to assess their learning creating short exams, tasks using module button on this site. Of course you and your students share pictures and videos by mediabox.
Nicenet and Dokeos give you a great opportunity to communicate with your students outside the classroom whenever you want.